Type of diving we do

This tends to be standard club diving, a mixture of Reef/Wreck in the 20-30m. All diving grades are catered for in the club and dives are arranged with this in mind.

How often we go

Some members will dive throughout the year, but for most, the dive season starts around Easter time and finishes around November.

At the start of each year we normally plan for long weekend trips on each Bank Holiday weekend, a one week holiday during the summer, with day trips running every other weekend in-between these.

Where we go

For day trips we tend to frequent the South Devon and Dorset coastline. Longer weekend trips tend to venture further a field to Cornwall and South/South West Wales.

We organise at least a one-week holiday each summer in the U.K, normally in Cornwall. Most people take their families along and it tends to be quite a sociable event.

Most years, depending on demand, we will also organise a weeks holiday somewhere a bit warmer!

The Red Sea is a Club favourite, giving a good balance between decent diving and cost.

In recent years we’ve also had trips to Gozo, Malta and further a field to places like the Maldives, the Caribbean and Mauritius!