How we dive

Dive trips

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All club dives are advertised in advance on a notice board in the clubhouse and now echoed on this website. There are no “Private” dive trips and every member is given an equal opportunity.

On most dive trips we try to cater for all experience levels and will take extra boats to accommodate the number of people who wish to dive.

After all, there’s no point joining a dive club and finding you can’t get a dive in because the trips are always full!

Sometimes though, we have to limit a dive trip to a specific number or grade of diver. When the list is put up it’s “first come first served” with a reserve list.

Because we own our own boat most diving within the club is RIB based. This means we can be a lot more flexible as to when and where we dive.

If the weather is looking good it’s not uncommon to arrange a dive on Club night for the forthcoming weekend. Some club members work shift patterns so the chance to slip away for a quiet mid-week dive is sometimes on the cards!

Safe diving

We recognise that Scuba Diving can sometimes be a challenging sport and as a club we take active steps to ensure all dives are carried out within the current BSAC safety guidelines. In addition to these rules, we also require that all club dives contain a safety stop, regardless of depth or no stop time remaining.

We do support decompression diving in line with current BSAC thinking. All we ask is that it's planned for, before the dive.

Dive costs

We all realise that diving can be an expensive sport, so as a club, we always try to keep the costs to a minimum. Diving is basically charged at cost plus a nominal fee towards boat maintenance.